GOLDEN ELEPHANT QUậN 1 Thai Restaurant

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4 sao trên tổng 478 đánh giá
7 Jul 2020 tại 6:33 Chicken satay was great pad Thai was spicier than expected but still very nice
20 Jun 2020 tại 7:26 Delivery: Extremely poorly coordinated. Food: I lived in Thailand for many years, perhaps my expectations were too high...
19 May 2020 tại 19:22 Regards to delivery time it only lets me go up to 90 minutes on here however it to over 1 hour and 45 minutes. They didn't call me to say they would be late and when the food arrived it was cold. They didnt say sorry once and offered no refund. DISGRACE
17 May 2020 tại 5:31 Excellent food and delivery as always
1 May 2020 tại 22:55 Very good food. Pretty authentic actually. Good sized servings and arrived D1 to D2 still hot. Thanks!!!
1 May 2020 tại 19:29 Great Thai Food!!!
1 May 2020 tại 11:19 Tasty dishes, better than other more expensive places in Saigon.
23 Apr 2020 tại 7:49 Thank you
22 Apr 2020 tại 6:34 Ordered and 19:24 and food arrived at 21:10 no explanation as to delay. Called the restaurant twice to check but they never called me back. Must have been a busy night - otherwise food was fine although cold.
19 Apr 2020 tại 8:52 curry/rice portions fit for a baby 0% spicey
13 Apr 2020 tại 15:06 Excellent food and delivery as always