GOLDEN ELEPHANT QUậN 1 Thai Restaurant

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4.5 sao trên tổng 454 đánh giá
17 Mar 2020 tại 8:33 Excellent. For a city that has always had average Thai food this restaurant stands head and shoulders above the pretenders.
5 Feb 2020 tại 20:15 Great flavour, arrived fast. What more can one want?
31 Jan 2020 tại 15:25 Thai food is the best! Delivery on time!
20 Jan 2020 tại 21:36 They use so much plastic!!! Will not order with them again for that reason.
19 Jan 2020 tại 21:17 Excellent food and delivery as always.
10 Jan 2020 tại 20:23 Delicious and well packed. I recommend.
7 Jan 2020 tại 21:02 Great food. Delivery took a bit longer than expected though.
19 Nov 2019 tại 14:48 Excellent food and delivery as always.
19 Nov 2019 tại 6:33 Ordered Main Dish of Basil Chicken - it didn't come with steamed rice. There was also no option to order steamed rice, so I assumed it came with the dish since it's a dish eaten with rice. Pad Thai a bit bland in flavor this time.
15 Oct 2019 tại 13:06 The chicken in the green curry was incredibly poor quality - tough and chewy with an unpleasant taste. I ended up throwing most of it away. I hate to leave bad reviews but this was very poor for the price.